Live from Orlando – at the CV3 User’s Conference

DATELINE: Orlando, Florida

Today’s NewHaven NEWS comes to you from Orlando, where Malcolm, Russ, Sharon and Tom are attending the annual CV3 User’s conference. This is the second year that NewHaven has participated as a Platinum sponsor, and the third year of our attendance and support.

This year’s conference is better than ever, with more attendees, more informative and educational sessions across three tracks and the added buzz and excitement that an improving economy brings to any business gathering. We’re excited to be here, learning and contributing along with our customers and many other folks representing businesses of all types and sizes from across the country.

We’re posting pictures and comments on our Facebook page, and tweeting from the educational sessions and events so you can enjoy the experience along with us vicariously. Be sure to tune into our social media posts to find out more about what’s happening at the Conference.

The Morphing of eCMS

For the past nine years, “eCMS” has really meant our integration with CV3 – and was pretty much limited to CV3’s eCommerce offering. While it’s a good integration (and one that keeps getting better over time), we felt that we’re long past due in expanding our integration capabilities.

Many of our customers have eCommerce websites hosted on many different platforms, and also sell through other ecommerce channels and marketplaces – like Amazon, eBay and many others. As we’ve asked our customers about their needs and surveyed the current landscape, it became clear that we had a unique opportunity to take what was already working well in our eCMS integration and make it better. Way better.

Our first major enhancement to our eCMS tool is our most significant eCommerce integration ever – with Magento. The development team has been hard at work making significant changes, improvements and enhancements to our eCMS “module” (which is actually much more than a module now) to empower companies of all sizes to fully integrate with Magento-based websites.

This new version of eCMS is currently in final development and testing, and will be released concurrently with CMS 9.0 later this spring. We’re really excited about all we’ve accomplished so far, but this is just the beginning of changes to eCMS. There’s lots more to tell, and we’ll be following up shortly with more details. But since we’ve announced our Magento integration here in Orlando, we thought we’d share with all of you who aren’t here – ’cause we thought it was pretty exciting news.

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