The Mail Order Manager’s Guide: Frequently Asked Questions About Converting to Commerce Management System

The following frequently asked questions are provided here with answers to help you understand just what’s involved when converting from Dydacomp’s Mail Order Manager to NewHaven Software’s Commerce Management System (CMS).
While these questions and answers address some of the more frequently-asked questions about MOM and CMS conversions, you may have some of your own questions that aren’t listed here. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (425) 861-7120 and ask about anything you’re unsure of. We’re here to help!

What is Commerce Management System?
  •  CMS is the industry-leading Windows®-based software package for multi-channel merchants. Based on robust SQL database technology, CMS provides intuitive operation, fast access to data and expandability that few other systems can match. For a complete overview of CMS, please visit our Products pages.

What does it take to convert?
  •  Converting from virtually any version of MOM is fairly simple – assuming your data is in good shape and free of corruption (a common problem in MOM’s FoxPro database). We analyize your existing MOM data and work with you to determine what data (and how much) you want to convert into CMS. We have automated conversion tools that can process tens of thousands of records very efficiently. In some cases, conversion may require some painstaking manual conversion efforts, but we can usually convert any MOM data into CMS. Once your data has been converted, we work with you to review the converted data, run reports and make sure all is ready to go. At that point, we usually recommend spending some time training your staff to learn how to use CMS to it’s potential. You will discover powerful new ways to interact with your legacy data and customer information, and find that order entry, processing and fulfillment are intuitive, efficient and easy!

One very compelling reason to upgrade to CMS sooner rather than later is to achieve compliance with the tough Visa and MasterCard Cardholder Information Security Plan (CISP) regulations. CMS has been compliant with these regulations since June of 2004. Some versions of Mail Order Manager are not compliant with these security regulations, which went into effect June 30, 2005. For full details on the new CISP regulations, go to the Visa Website.

What are the differences between MOM and CMS?
  •  Aside from the obvious differences between the interface design and speed of the two programs, there is a world of differences. Because MOM was designed to run on the FoxPro database program, data is easily corrupted and requires constant re-indexing and maintenance to avoid corruption and speed degradation. CMS has been developed using state-of-the art software design tools and runs on a robust SQL database, which means ease of use, fast access to data and no worries about corruption or speed problems. CMS also scales from very small companies with just a few orders to very large enterprises with hundreds of operators and thousands of orders per day. Even though CMS is substantially more powerful, it is easy to install, set up and learn, and is affordable today and into the future. We’re proud to have converted dozens of former MOM users over the past few years, and can provide you with expert service and support as well. To learn more, schedule an online demonstration of CMS and see for yourself just how powerful CMS is and what it can do for your company beginning the day you go live.

Will all my data from MOM convert to CMS?
  •  Yes! As mentioned above, you can convert your company information, products, mail list and orders. You can choose to convert as little or as much as you want – and once your data has been converted, it becomes searchable in ways never before possible in MOM. Now pinpoint targeted marketing is a snap – and all of your customers’ purchase history can be viewed in a variety of ways. (Data corruption and/or database size may make some conversions difficult, so we’ll need to look at your data to be sure it will convert cleanly and completely).

What should I do to prepare my MOM data?
  •  The first step is to go through your data and eliminate bad data and duplicate customer entries. You can use the tools provided in MOM (assuming you have the right modules) to merge and purge duplicate customer records. If you don’t have a the modules you need, we can provide data services for an additional charge. It’s also a good idea to process your data for National Change of Address (NCOA) updating and address standardization, ZIP+4, etc. before converting. Remember the old computer axiom: Garbage in, garbage out. This is an ideal time to clean up your historical MOM data and decide how much of it you really need to keep moving forward. Our Implementation Guide will step you through this and other processes leading up to conversion and go-live, and help is just a call or an email away.

Will my existing equipment work with CMS?
  •  Maybe. Because CMS is a 32-bit Windows®-based software solution, it requires considerably more computer “horsepower” than some of the older versions of MOM. Depending on the version you choose, you may need more memory, hard drive space and perhaps processor performance than your current machines have. Most printers will work with CMS, and in many cases, they will offer enhanced performance because of CMS’ form design and printing capabilities. Some older dot-matrix printers may not work because of the lack of availability of suitable Windows® drivers. For full details on minimum and recommended system requirements, see our CMS System Requirements.

I heard I can save money on credit card processing when I convert.  Is that true?
  •  Yes, in many cases it is. Because MOM has very few credit card processing choices, the rates you’re currently paying may be higher than what you can get using CMS. Because CMS utilizes the power and flexibility of multiple payment gateways that connect direct to the credit card processing networks, you have literally dozens of networks to choose from, so you gain the advantage competition brings – and can save money as a result. Many companies who have switched to CMS have found that their credit card processing savings alone will pay for CMS in one or two years. You also can process credit cards using an internet connection instead of a modem, which is not only faster, but is virtually trouble-free!

Are there advantages in buying now instead of later?
  •  Yes! Quite a few, actually. In addition to the savings you’ll realize through more efficient operations, companies who buy CMS version 6.0 will automatically receive our new PA-DSS Certified Version 6.1 when it is released at no charge, as long as they are on a current support plan. This new version will add many new features to the already robust feature set included in version 6, and comes with a completely new and improved user’s guide and help system.

What else is included with my purchase of CMS?
  •  When you purchase the CMS software and CMS support, you have the option of purchasing the MOM Importing and Conversion Tool at $1495. You may also elect to receive a comprehensive implementation planning guide and up to 20 hours of implementation support to help you install, configure, convert and go-live (average cost $2500). Our Implementation Specialists have literally thousands of hours experience helping companies convert from The Mail Order Wizard and other programs into CMS, and utilize a wide variety of high-tech tools, including online conferencing services to provide implementation assistance and training. With these tools, we can show you exactly what to do – or even do it for you on your own computer – right over the internet! Once you go live, your Implementation Specialist introduces you to our Support Team, who is there to answer any questions or take care of any problems you might have after going live. We also offer a comprehensive suite of professional services, including onsite installation, configuration and training, custom programming and report writing and much more.

Sounds good! What do I have to do to purchase CMS?
  •  Simply call NewHaven Software at (425) 861-7120 and talk to one of our upgrade specialists. They will determine your exact needs and prepare a quote for you so you know exactly what it will cost to convert. They can also provide some recommendations on equipment upgrades, and can also help you save money on computer equipment purchases and credit card processing through their various affiliate relationships. They can also provide you with information regarding financing for your software and/or hardware purchases.