Take your online business to the next level with the powerful combination of eCMS and CMS.

eCMS brings the power and functionality of CMS to your website. Now your customers can enter orders on your site and CMS can download them automatically. CMS is constantly “talking” with your website to determine if there are any orders or catalog/information requests and downloads them automatically in the background.

When orders have been downloaded, you are immediately notified – all you have to do is review and approve them – and they then enter your normal order processing and fulfillment flow.  (You can also automate this process even further via the Automated Imports Module.)

Maintaining products and inventory on your website was never easier than with CMS and eCMS. CMS stores complete product information in its database, including descriptions, pricing and inventory – and updates your eCMS-connected website with the click of a button – keeping your products and inventory in sync! Imagine how much time you’ll save by only having to maintain product data in one location instead of two – and having your website reflect current availability of products without having to export files, load them up to your website – or worse yet, manually setting or changing products online.

CMS and eCMS are tightly integrated and work well together to allow you to focus on managing and growing your business. We are continually adding features and additional integration capabilities. Upgrade your business to this powerful combination of technology and business savvy today – and begin to reap the benefits tomorrow!

Some of the many benefits of using eCMS include (may vary by cart used):

  • Multiple shipping locations
  • Flexible promo code support
  • Automatic catalog requests
  • Marketing list import & export
  • Quick Order interface
  • Order as member or guest
  • Gift Orders
  • Seasonal shipping rates and methods
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Powerful reporting tools

For more information about eCMS, please contact us via email, this form or give us a call at (425) 861-7120. We’ll be happy to help!