Branding. If you have just one, life is pretty simple. Introduce more, though, which may be key to success in your market, and your life gets a lot more complicated. While all of your business and inventory is under one roof, how can you efficiently run sites for each of your brands/divisions, each with unique or possibly shared items, while preserving that branding throughout the fulfillment process and customer experience?

Your only recourse may have been to run a separate company/database for each of your divisions with all of the complications that go with that including separate product lists, customer lists, merchant accounts, transference of inventory, etc.

The Divisions Module, however, allows you to have one database, warehouse, customer list, AND product list but maintain division-specific information where it’s needed. CMS will track which items are available for each store (could be one, several, or all), track the division the order is for and, using the branding for that division in your forms (invoices, pick tickets), generate confirmation emails, and shipping labels. Of course there are also reporting options to help you track how your divisions are performing.

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